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Tourism, the city's largest private-sector employer, is the backbone of the San Francisco economy. Its frequent portrayal in music, film, and popular culture has made the city and its landmarks recognizable worldwide. It is the city where Tony Bennett "left his heart," where the Birdman of Alcatraz spent many of his final years, where Rice-a-Roni was said to be the favorite treat, and where Full House, a popular American sitcom was set. San Francisco attracts the fifth-highest number of foreign tourists of any city in the U.S., ranks 43rd out of the 100 most visited cities worldwide, and claims Pier 39 near Fisherman's Wharf as the third-most popular tourist attraction in the nation. More than 16.5 million visitors arrived in San Francisco in 2012, injecting $8.9 billion into the economy. With a large hotel infrastructure and a world-class convention facility in the Moscone Center, San Francisco is also among the top-ten North American destinations for conventions and conferences. In a Euromonitor International ranking of top city destinations, San Francisco was ranked the 33rd most visited city in the world....Wikipedia